Babydoll Pajamas (how to improve your sex life with zero effort)

This post goes out to all the ladies in long-term relationships, and especially to those married women out there. Warning: this post is going to get a little explicit. You’re on a lingerie blog, though, so I doubt that bothers you very much, right?

I’ve been with my husband for many years now, and there are times where our sex live is great and times where it’s absent. That’s normal for a relationship (especially a long-term one), but it’s not ideal. I wasn’t always so into kinky lingerie. Just two years ago, you would’ve found me falling asleep in a pair of my man’s boxers and an oversized T-shirt. Cute and there’s nothing wrong with that, but that attire isn’t exactly the best for getting it on with your guy.

Enter erotic lingerie. It can be sexy lingerie, elegant lingerie, it doesn’t matter. Men are visual creatures. Catch his eye and you’ll have what you want in no time.

But how? This post will show you a change in nightwear that’ll spice up your love life with ALMOST NO effort.


Enter the babydoll.

Showing a little skin instantly makes you seem more feminine and attractive. This babydoll works great as pajamas, because it’s not too sexy for sleepwear but it’s just sensual enough to keep you feeling hot.

It’s comfy, it’s classy, it’s sensual. Plus, it’s babydoll sleepwear! You can look great even when tucking in for the night. How crazy is that? This babydoll nightie is a little high-end at $55, but if you’re looking for luxury lingerie it’s a steal. You can find it (and other babydolls) at Pajama Shoppe, but that’s not the only brand to keep in mind when you’re looking for lingerie as sleepwear.

Sometimes I still go to sleep in boxers and a T-shirt. I’m not saying you should totally forgo that comfiness. But if you change into a babydoll (or experiment with other lingerie as nightwear) even once a week, it can dramatically improve your sex life. Things started heating up with my man after I made that change, and it was so easy!

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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