Lingerie for Plus-Sized Women

If you’re a plus-sized woman, you already know how hard it can be to find cute clothing that fits you right and makes you feel sexy. That challenge isn’t a problem unique to just regular clothing. If you’re new to lingerie, these are also issues that you’ll find when it comes to sexy underwear. Luckily, there are a few pieces of lingerie that are great for women of all sizes. Read on for some lingerie suggestions for plus-sized women.

1. Sexy bodysuits.

Bodysuits are great for women of all shapes and sizes, because they flatter your figure while also being easy to wear. One-piece lingerie is great for a curvier woman because it shows off your skin while also hiding areas a lot of women are self-conscious about (the tummy, for example).

2. A teddy.

A teddy is another great choice for plus-sized women. Like the bodysuit, a sexy teddy is a one-piece type of lingerie that covers you up while still also showing off your body. A teddy is different from a bodysuit in that it tends to be a bit higher-cut and lacier/more delicate. A teddy is a good choice if you’re feeling ultra sexy and extra feminine.

3. The classic bra and panty set.

If one-piece lingerie isn’t up your ally, consider a bra and panty set. A sexy bra that fits you looks great on any woman. Couple that with some sexy underwear (thongs, anyone?) and you’ve got sexy lingerie look without much effort. Plus, choosing two pieces like this gives you a lot of control in what you wear (and how you wear it).

Obviously these aren’t the only options for plus-sized women out there, but they are some reliable ones. What do you ladies think?

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