Three great lingerie items to satisfy your craving.

Many of us know how it starts, first you’re scrolling online or window shopping, then you see a cute bra. You think to yourself, “well, that’s just gorgeous, and it’s bound to look great on me.” So, you click on the item or step into the store, next thing you know its three months down the line and you can’t stop buying lingerie. Worse, it’s either stuff that doesn’t fit, or feels like it cannot be used.

We’ve all been there, as a fellow addict its hard to know when efficiency bleeds into fantasy or just plain unnecessary. Now, before you call in the seals to take your credit card away, here are some great kinky lingerie items that will satisfy your craving without the guilt of not knowing what to do with them.

Baby dolls, these are awesome items simply because they are versatile. They can be worn simply as underwear, for seduction purposes, or as chemise to highlight whatever blazer you choose. A fun tip is to buy neutral or cold colors, that way it doesn’t draw too much attention when worn in official settings.

Bralettes, bralettes are one of my favorite lingerie items simply because of how versatile they are. Like baby dolls, they can be worn in and out of the bedroom, and due to their absence of metal, sizing is easier to maneuver, eliminating the dread we feel when we buy a bra that doesn’t quite fit our boob to band ratio.

Corsets. Corsets while not as versatile due to their inability to be shown, are extremely useful. They can be worn to enhance the overall look of your lingerie set, or beneath clothing to enhance the existing shape of the wearer.

Hope these keep your cravings at bay and your look exceptional!

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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