Erotic bodysuit lingerie

Few pieces of clothing are as erotic as one piece lingerie (or really any lingerie, for that matter). This week’s post focuses on bodysuits, from the sexy ones to the lace ones… But mainly the spectacularly sexy body suits. A bodysuit, by definition, is a piece of sexy lingerie. It can come in many shapes… Continue reading Erotic bodysuit lingerie


Everyday Sexy Bras!

Hi, ladies! If you’re like me (and most other women I know), most of the time you’re in a bra that’s pretty plain. I’d hedge my money that it’s either black, white, or, if you’re feeling risque, cream. You might even be spending most of your days in sports bras, too. You don’t have to… Continue reading Everyday Sexy Bras!


Love Your You (Welcome!)

Corny title, I know. But it caught your attention. There are several types of women. So many types that to even try and put women into groups like that would just be silly. But me and my friends agree: there’s a certain type of mood that makes you willing to step into lingerie, but most… Continue reading Love Your You (Welcome!)


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